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Honduras Coffee

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The Wheelhouse Coffee Co.

Our mission here at Wheelhouse Coffee is to provide you with a coffee experience that you can't find anywhere else. Our goal at Wheelhouse is to keep you supplied with fresh and consistent coffee. We rely on our state of the art roasting technology to keep your coffee consistent and always fresh. Therefore making it possible to get the same high quality experience out of a coffee again and again; while inspiring you to try other roasts and other origins that we have to offer. Let us teach you the real coffee experience right here in the heart of the Annapolis Valley.

"When a company..."

It’s not hard to leave a review, when a company puts their customers at the top of their priority list. Wheelhouse Coffee Co. does exactly that and more. They are the essence of what a coffee company should be. Amos is a pleasure to be around and he roasts coffee that is equally pleasurable to drink. Support them by being one of their customers, and you too will not walk away disappointed!

Tom Duerksen

"I would recommend"

“I would recommend Wheelhouse coffee to anyone! Quality coffee roasted to perfection. What I like about Wheelhouse is the care they take in sourcing the finest beans that bring out the best flavours. Drinking Wheelhouse coffee is an awesome experience!!”

Kim Thiessen