Price Update!!!!

Hello to our valued customers!  Over the last months we have been experiencing a major inflation in prices. This has impacted us more  drastically than we first thought. It has affected almost everything, firstly coffee prices witch have hit a 10 year record due to many things, but as some of you have by now heard Brazil has experienced frost and drought sending some prices up by as much as 25% over night. Secondly shipping, shipping has gone up by almost 30% , costing us now more to ship green coffee from port to our roastry. Thirdly is our packaging, witch thankfully hasn’t gone up at the same rate, but is still on the rise.  All of these added up has made for very slim margins and increasingly more as the days go by. We have tried to maintain a similar price over the years but the margins are just too tight to continue.  We pay now close just over 30% more for our coffee than I did starting this business in 2018.   My Prices have gone up about 12% since 2018. We feel that now is the time to increase our price.


We do not want this to sound negative or depressing, we just want to be transparent about our business moves so you can feel informed and comfortable. We are currently working with farmers at origin to ensure they are getting a fair price for their coffee as well. We have taken several steps in this direction, and hope to continue, to insure those who grow our coffee get a fair price and a good working relationship! We take huge pride in our coffee and are taking huge pride in being in the specialty coffee industry! We appreciate the overwhelming support we feel from our customers and the coffee community. 


Yours Truly Wheelhouse Coffee Co.