Our Story

     “How the desire to create high quality coffee, roasted to our best ability, and brought to you with care, became a dream come true.” 

 Our Company History

Wheelhouse Coffee Co. was founded in 2018 at the base of North Mountain, with a commitment to roast coffee with dedication and precision. It all began with an 8 year old lad enjoying his morning coffee with his dad. At the age of seventeen, a coffee dream began to form. One day this dream brought him home with an espresso machine, then a job as a barista, a coffee show in Portland, and finally a roaster!

However as a single owner with a small sample roaster and a full-time job, keeping customers happily supplied with their coffee fix was increasingly challenging. The year 2020 came along with a beautiful summer wedding where this young man married the girl of his dreams. Together they are venturing into growing their small business, known as Wheelhouse Coffee. Wheelhouse Coffee has come a long ways from its tiny basement beginnings to its now sunny harbour town residence.

 Along side our high standard of coffee we continue to perfect a high standard of customer service. You are the reason we have a passion for the best cup of coffee. You are the reason we strive for better, in coffee and in service.

   -Amos & Jaci