A Seaside Christmas (in the country and the city)

  Something special for you this Christmas Season!
Seaside Christmas



 We've got something special here for you today, because December is just around the calendar page! Our Christmas blend, Seaside Christmas, is dancing on our shelves (but mostly still in the green bean attire for we want to keep our coffee fresh as can be!) waiting to warm you all up as the snow flies! 


  aaah... how dreamy to curl up in a big chair in front your woodstove as the snowy flakes fall gently to the ground in the world around you... Sipping a steamy cup of Wheelhouse's Seaside Christmas coffee and reading a book... Well whether your life really is that dreamy or maybe more like real life is... coming in from hauling and stacking armloads of firewood as the wind whistles around you and chills your hands and feet... You just NEED that cup of hot black liquid to warm the every inch of your icy body.


    Wherever your Christmas may be this fine December, we would have you know that a fine cup of Seaside Christmas would make it even better! 

Amos & Jaci @ Wheelhouse Coffee Co.