Coffee Accessories Enroute

Mothers Day is just around the corner and so is our New Coffee Merchandise!

Wheelhouse Coffee's online store will soon be stocked with one of it's owner's favourite coffee brewing accessories... the HARIO v60 POUR OVER! We are so happy at the thought of providing you with premium quality coffee, AND a way to brew it!

A little glimpse into our merchandise coming soon... the glass Hario v60 & the Hario v60 Drip Decanters, along with filters, a couple coffee hand grinders (all who love camping, stay tuned!) as well as milk frothing pitchers for all you home baristas! 

And as you saw the small Mother's Day hint above, just let that settle in your heart. And let it lead you to buying a gift for the favourite lady in your life! Lastly, we want to whisper "Father's Day" in your ear...

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

-Wheelhouse Coffee .Co