Our Newest Coffees

We are excited to announce the arrival of our 5 newest coffees.  

Zambia- One of these five coffees takes us to the continent of Africa, to the country of Zambia, to the north eastern part of the country. The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks where altitude and ancient volcanic soils help produce this RFA certified coffee.  The natural process brings out very distinctive tropical fruit flavours in the cup.

 Next we introduce the Organic Guatemala Atitlan.This coffee was cultivated near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala's highlands. This lot came from Cerro Lancandon Chochajau, a farm operation that cultivates over 33 hectares with 27 producers contributing to the farm.The lake is surrounded by 12 indigenous villages, inhabited by predominantly Kakchiquel and Tz’utujil. Its location at 1,600 Meters above sea level and proximity to the equator provides a year-round, spring-like climate.  It is often called the “Land of Eternal Spring” for its exceptional weather.Traditional clothing is worn in the villages around the lake.There are 22 distinctive linguistic groups, not dialects but completely different languages that are spoken around the lake. 


Thirdly we introduce our Colombia Buesaco - NarinoThis coffee is grown between altitudes of 1800 and 2200 meters above one sea level. After being picked, the coffee enters a fermentation process that last 28 to 36 hours. Then they are washed and dried on raised beds in the sun for 16 days. 

Coming in 4th is our Fair Trade Organic Peru Amazonas. This coffee is grown in the northern and western part of the country.  Its a special coffee the co-op it is from is 100% owned and operated by women. This bean is grown at 1500-1800 m above sea level. This coffee is fully washed and dried on patios. 

And last but not least we have a Swiss water decaf blend in for those late night coffees. 


Stay tuned.  Thanks for your support.    Amos+Jaci    Wheelhouse Coffee Co.